Blog Reboot


After quite some hiatus (more than two years according to my last post) I decided to give this site a facelift and actually start some “real” blogging, meaning more frequent posting even in the absence of new software releases.

The Why

Main reason for getting this site back on track is that I finally started having some real free time again (weekends that actually deserve being called “weekends” instead of “extended workdays”) and a refreshed interested to get back into Open Source development.

Visiting this years Desktop Summit in Berlin was quite inspiring with all the interesting talks and projects. Especially the mixture of both Gnome and KDE people was quite cool. Having a look at both camps shows that there’s similar problems on both sides (where’s the desktop heading towards with so many new mobile gadgets, keeping or dropping cross-platform support) as well as (continued) plans to integrate both desktop “worlds”. The most interesting project in terms of integration for me right now is pk11-kit: GKrellM could benefit from good key/trust management once it gets TLS connection support (stay tuned, I’ll definetely come back to this topic).

The What

So what is to be expected here in the future? For a start, the projects formerly hosted here will stay as a static archive. Although all projects are unmaintained by now and I don’t think anybody still uses software like Floodcast, there still might be some interest in getting the source code and maybe reusing parts of it.

For the future, I plan to post more about what I’m working on or wasting my time with. This includes for instance code snippets for interesting problems or chronically undocumented APIs (yes, I’m looking at you GLib). As I’m also some sort of admin for quite a few systems, I’ll also “document” my endeavours of software I haven’t worked with before (possible first candidates include nginx, Unbound and NSD).