GKrellM 2.3.2 for Windows & new project home

GTK+ GKrellM

Originally intended to be released shortly after the gkrellm-2.3.2 release (released 2008-10-04), I stumbled across some bugs here and there so in the end it took much longer.

Most important changes after the gkrellm-2.3.2 release:

  • Wait up to 10 seconds for a running SpeedFan that has not detected its sensors yet
  • Fix plugin calls that have a variable number of arguments
  • Unify search-paths for plugins and themes in both gkrellm and gkrellmd on win32
  • Fix file operations (i.e. config load/save) on non-ascii locales
  • Fix transmit bytes for network interfaces
  • fix taskbar-entry being visible with gtk+ 2.14.4 by setting the toolwindow window-type using standard gtk-functions

Furthermore GKrellMd is now an NT-service allowing remote-monitoring on servers that nobody is logged on to (plus it does not crash every second minute, one of the most reported things since I released 2.3.0).

The installer also changed quite a bit and now always installs the GTK+ runtime. If you don’t want that you can still use the ZIP though. Installing gkrellmd only is now supported as well (plus it doesn’t install all the gui stuff). Due to the massive changes in the installer I recommend to uninstall any older GKrellM version before installing the new one.

Please have a look at the new version which is now available at srcbox.net. The old GKrellM pages on this site will go away soon so please update any bookmarks you might have.