An alternative playlist plugin for Noatun

This project is not actively maintained.

An attempt to create a playlist for Noatun that suits users of WinAmp or XMMS style playlists. Many people just don’t use Noatun because they don’t like the playlists and thus I decided to make my own one.


Main Window Preferences Dialog


  • Choose own font and size instead of KDE-defaults
  • Allows hiding of menubar, list-header, statusbar and toolbar to save space
  • Shows mimetype-icon in first column
  • Context-sensitive menu (also known as rightclick popupmenu) for common actions
  • Uses extended m3u playlistformat as native format instead of slower xml (it can still load xml-playlists)
  • configurable keyboard-shortcuts for most actions
  • Uses alternating colors in listview
  • Status-bar showing playtime of currently played title, overall playlist time and no. of playlist items
  • Optional display of play controls in the statusbar
  • “Jump to”-dialog that lets you easily find files in huge playlists
  • Auto-resize columns, time takes as much space as needed, title column takes the rest
  • Ignores files that can’t be played by Noatun when trying to add them to the list