A Skin for the K-Jöfol Audio Player

This project is not actively maintained.

The first skin for K-Jöfol done by me and a friend of mine. This is a cooperation between me, Sush and Crix because I’m not that good at drawing (just look at the scribble) but had quite some ideas floating around on how to create my own skin.


First HexoBronx Scribble HexoBronx Skin

Features & Buttons

  • Play, Pause, Stop, Fastforward, Rewind
  • Previous and Next Track, Playlist
  • Bars to control volume and pitch
  • Seekbar
  • Repeat, Preferences dialog, About dialog
  • Window controls: Minimize, Close
  • Works with Noatun and XMMS

Known Problems

  • There is no skinned playlist because playlists suck with K-Jöfol skins. I just don’t think that fixed-size playlists are very comfortable so I left out skinning the playlist
  • There is no skinned dockmode because I had no nice idea of how to make a dockmode look like the skin.
  • HexoBronx lacks support for original K-Jöfol player. Sounds odd but it’s true. During design we forgot to make sizes divisible by four which seems to be quite important for K-Jöfol on Windows. At the time we realized that it was already too late to make appropriate changes.