GKrellM 2.3.1 in the works

GTK+ GKrellM

I’m currently updating my build system and will look into some of the bugs that I found in the last GKrellM for Windows release. I also spotted a few problems with the new release (mainly clock/calendar formatting) so it will take some more time before I can release something usable.

Even though university currently keeps me busy (gotta hold a speech at dec. 21th, still busy with the slides for that) I hope to give you 2.3.1 as a xmas present :)

Update: Unfortunately GTK+ 2.12.3 crashes GKrellM 2.3.1 when changing the clock/calendar format, this will probably delay the release (no christmas present, sorry).

Second Update: I found Gtk+ Bug#503326 to be the cause for the crash. I’m not yet sure if I should just ship Gtk+ 2.10.x as done before, wait for this bug to get fixed or use Gtk+ 2.12.1 which is said to not exhibit this crash.