GkrellM for Windows

GKrellM system monitoring tool built for Windows

GKrellM 2.3.11 for Windows

(updated ) GTK+ GKrellM

Today I finally managed to release GKrellM 2.3.11 for Windows. This release updates all dependencies to newer versions, mostly thanks to MXE which is the cross-environment I use for building GKrellM for Windows. I switched back packaging to ship with OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS since GKrellM was originally meant to be built with that and it actually happens to be smaller overall compared to GnuTLS and its dependencies. Finally this release starts shipping third-party GKrellM plugins that could be made working on Windows.

Checkmk Telegram Notifications 1.0.0 Released

Checkmk Monitoring Telegram

Back in 2016 I wrote a Checkmk notification script that sends messages via a Telegram Bot. Only a few years later I got around and turned it into a real Checkmk package.

After switching to Checkmk 1.6 some months ago, all I had for notifications was email. During my christmas vacation I got notifications via Telegram set up again. As part of the setup I also brought the old code into shape and finally packaged it as a real Checkmk package to make installation easier.

Merged Websites

(updated )

Most content from my previous blog website “metzlog” now got merged into www.srcbox.net. Maintaining two websites using two different static site generators (Jekyll and Hugo) felt like too much effort and the few posts about software releases and smaller admin tasks should fit in here just fine.

Checkmk migration notes

(updated ) Admin Monitoring

I once installed Checkmk into an existing Nagios installation, back then by using a plain source package. This also meant I had to take care of installing and configuring all dependencies like Apache, Nagios and PNP4Nagios. Keeping this setup working was quite tedious over the last two upgrades (1.2.4 to 1.2.6 and finally 1.2.6p16) so I decided to switch to the official Checkmk CRE packages instead. For now I switched to the rather outdated 1.2.6p16 packages to concentrate on migrating my configuration first.

Blog moved

(updated )

Just a small note that this blog moved to metzlog.srcbox.net (update 2020-12-27: now merged into www.srcbox.net).

The old domain name already redirects here and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.