Checkmk Telegram Notifications 1.0.0 Released

Checkmk Monitoring Telegram

Back in 2016 I wrote a Checkmk notification script that sends messages via a Telegram Bot. Only a few years later I got around and turned it into a real Checkmk package.

After switching to Checkmk 1.6 some months ago, all I had for notifications was email. During my christmas vacation I got notifications via Telegram set up again. As part of the setup I also brought the old code into shape and finally packaged it as a real Checkmk package to make installation easier.

Monitoring Notifications via Telegram

(updated ) Admin Checkmk Monitoring Telegram

After a self-inflicted downtime of my server that also happens to handle my email I decided that it’s time to have monitoring notifications delivered out-of-band instead of foolishly trying to send them via the most important resource I monitor. Since I recently started using Telegram I decided to give it a try for monitoring notifications. Please note that normal Telegram message contents are unencrypted so they can possibly be read on the Telegram server side!