GKrellMd as a service

GTK+ GKrellM

As some of you might know, Windows has something similar to daemons, its so called “services”. Lately I have been able to find some free time and managed to make a true Windows service out of gkrellmd.

Running gkrellmd as a service instead of as a simple application has quite some benefits:

  • No need to login in order to start gkrellmd (very important for monitoring servers!)
  • You cannot accidentally quit gkrellmd by right clicking its (now non-existent) tray icon anymore
  • Running as a service ensures having admin rights (needed for monitoring)

Because debugging services can be a bit complicated, I added a new commandline switch that will allow running gkrellmd.exe inside a standard console window. That way users can still track down problems easily.

On a sidenote, Gtk+ 2.12.6 has fixed Bug #503326 which means I can finally release gkrellm and gkrellmd after some more cleanups.