A LineControl client written with Qt

This project is not actively maintained.

This is a small client for LineControl. Although I’m the maintainer of another great client (KLCC), I decided to write a new one (almost) from scratch for several reasons:

  • KLCC (a KDE-based client for LineControl) lacked the mini-display found in the Windows client
  • WLC (the Windows client) is not maintained anymore and had an old-fashioned UI and quite a few bugs
  • Writing a Qt-based client for LineControl would allow deprecating both KLCC and WLC
  • Qt allows porting the client to even more platforms


So far QLineControl only does the basic things a linecontrol-client can do. Some interesting non-basic features include

  • Mini-display showing the current time, upload/download rate and overall byte-count
  • Translucency for mini-display, in case you wonder what’s underneath the window
  • Trayicon which works on both Linux and Windows
  • Remember size and position of the mainwindow (WLC always had problems with that)


QLineControl on Linux QLineControl on Windows QLineControl Mini-Display

Known Problems & Roadmap

  • Autoreconnect when loosing connection to linecontrol-server
  • Autoredial if current line goes offline
  • Per-line settings
  • Cost handling
  • Take action when line changes its status (offline/online script, play sound, …)
  • Improve progressbar in mini-display when running under windows (smooth display, might be a Qt problem)